The Organisation

Cumbria Family Support is a registered charity no. 1085861 whose objects are “To relieve families in Cumbria with children up to eighteen years old, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.”

Originally set-up in the East of Cumbria in 1993, the charity extended the reach of its support to the West of the County in 2018. Today our family support services can be accessed by families across three districts in Cumbria: Eden, Carlisle and Allerdale.

Our work is all home based, we take our support out into the community to ensure those living in deprived and isolated areas, where service provision is limited and families are struggling with issues that are impacting on family life, receive the help they need.

We work at an early intervention stage with families as issues and needs are just emerging, and help them to make and sustain positive changes. Families also seek our support as family life is improving, helping them to keep on track. Our support is not time limited and we will help families for as long as they need us to, to stop problems re-occurring.

Working in a multi-agency way CFS work alongside a wide range of statutory and voluntary sector organisations to ensure families who need home-based support, can access it as quickly as possible. The service of CFS are recognised as an essential part of the pathway in the support for children and families at “Early Help” however our team of staff and volunteers are trained to support families at all stages of need: Single Agency, Early Help and Statutory Intervention.