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Feedback from Service Users

"When the volunteer takes my daughter out I can get on and do jobs."
"I feel that my volunteer cares about what happens to me and I haven’t felt that from anyone else for a long time."
"My son is off the Child Protection Plan. The volunteer has been here the whole time."
"We are happier and more relaxed in general. The support has been more for the children’s benefit as when I am more relaxed it has a positive effect for them."
Cumbria Family Support

Welcome to Cumbria Family Support

Coronavirus Update 5th February 2021

Following the confirmation of the national restrictions put in place as of 4th January, we can confirm that due to the nature of the services we provide, we remain able to offer support. As ever, all supported families, staff and volunteers are able to request alternative support than home based/direct work if they feel their particular situation requires this and we will aim to meet each individual circumstance as it arises. Given the current rates of Covid in the county we will however be aiming to move as much of our service delivery to virtual or outdoor as possible. We will however maintain home based support where deemed essential. Further details below.

Deb Royston, Chief Officer

Family Support

Following lengthy discussions, a review of all available guidance, and conducting thorough risk assessments we are delighted that we can still provide home visiting family support, in addition to offering telephone/ text/ video contact and socially distanced walks.

In order to do this, we have worked closely with families to make sure we can put safe social distancing measures in place. This includes wearing of masks by any staff or volunteers visiting homes and some other venues, and at the staff member or volunteer’s discretion asking for family members to also wear masks.

For new families we will work closely with referrers and the families to make sure we can progress safely together. Please see our “Leaflets and Forms” section below for an updated Referral form and Additional Information for Referrers document.


We are also able to progress new volunteer enquiries, again with all the Covid-Secure measures in place to keep us safe.

Contact Centres

We have paused Contact centre sessions until mid late February in Carlisle and Eden due to the particular circumstances in those areas. This will enable a review of service delivery given the significant rise in local Covid rates. We truly want to re-introduce these but will need to review current numbers and sessions given the number of people/families involved. We are pleased to advise Kendal Contact Centre has been able to resume sessions. please see the Contact Centre page for additional information.

When running again, we do still need to expect to have to deliver all or some of the Penrith contact through our Carlisle site due to logistic issues in the Penrith venue.

For more detailed general information about any of our work, please click on the relevant sections at the top of the website.

For contact details for individual staff, please go to “Who we are / The Team” section.


Our Proud History

Cumbria Family Support has been supporting children and families in Cumbria since 1993!

Cumbria Family Support helps families with children in Cumbria to get through difficult times. Our staff and trained volunteers provide support to families in their own homes until their difficulties have passed.

Our charity offers support for children and families who are experiencing stress or difficulties. We help families by providing practical and emotional support to reduce isolation and health inequalities, and help them to overcome issues or challenges they may be facing.

Children are the focus of our work!
To ensure we achieve sustainable outcomes for children we work with the whole family, enabling each individual to recognise their strengths and role within the family unit. Our aim is to empower children and their parents and help them to be the best they can be.

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Cumbria Family Support
Volunteering is at the heart of our organisation!

The home-based support we provide for families across the region is is achieved through the dedication of a small staff team and an amazing network of committed volunteers.

Our remote support ensures that all children and families who seek our help, receive the support and guidance they need, for as long as they need it.

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