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Feedback from Service Users

"I find it easier to talk openly and honestly to the volunteer about things than what I do my own family. Sometimes I think I might upset my family if I let them know how I feel, with the volunteer it is easy to talk I feel understood and not judged. Talking to the volunteer feels really natural.  Because I find going into the community challenging I am often accompanied by the volunteer on outings. I feel really reassured when I’m with the volunteer, over time she has got to know me and understands to help me feel less anxious."
"We are happier and more relaxed in general. The support has been more for the children’s benefit as when I am more relaxed it has a positive effect for them."
"Support keep’s me motivated and it helps me stay on track. I benefit from the reminders I get and knowing that there is someone to talk to. I feel that my confidence has improved in my ability to parent my son. I feel like you (CFS) are genuinely interested in how we are doing, it can take a while for me to feel comfortable around people. It’s taken a while but I definitely feel able to talk openly, I will get in touch in between visits if I need to. "
"I think things have really improved, my mental health has improved a lot, both children have settled into school well and I feel more confident in social situations."
"Volunteering for CFS has been an extremely worthwhile experience for me and it is an organisation I feel proud to represent. I have volunteered for CFS for 7 years and the experience has been invaluable. I have received support and guidance from Staff along the way, which has given me the confidence I needed to help families. The families I have supported through volunteering with CFS have had different problems and lifestyles, most have welcomed the support and advice offered, I have always felt well supported by staff."
Cumbria Family Support

Welcome to Cumbria Family Support

Our Proud History

Cumbria Family Support has been supporting children and families in Cumbria since 1993!

Cumbria Family Support helps families with children in Cumbria to get through difficult times. Our staff and trained volunteers provide support to families in their own homes until their difficulties have passed.

Our charity offers support for children and families who are experiencing stress or difficulties. We help families by providing practical and emotional support to reduce isolation and health inequalities, and help them to overcome issues or challenges they may be facing.

Children are the focus of our work!
To ensure we achieve sustainable outcomes for children we work with the whole family, enabling each individual to recognise their strengths and role within the family unit. Our aim is to empower children and their parents and help them to be the best they can be.

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Cumbria Family Support
Volunteering is at the heart of our organisation!

The home-based support we provide for families across the region is is achieved through the dedication of a small staff team and an amazing network of committed volunteers.

Our remote support ensures that all children and families who seek our help, receive the support and guidance they need, for as long as they need it.

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